German Developed Wild life, outdoors Steins

Great steins for the outdoor person, hunter or fisher.

Although finalized in Germany, the stein bodies may now be produced in many other counties.

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Gerz, GMS26768, Deer, Elk stein, 1/2 liter, $49.95 (6 available)


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These are .5 liter steins, satin etched scenes.

1. Gerz, GMS65141, Fish stein, $29.95 (4 available)
2. Gerz, GMS65155, Moose Head, $29.95  (sold out)
3. Gerz. GMS65059, duck head, $29.95 (5 available)
4. Gerz, GMS65142,  Eagle, $29.95 (6 available)

Deer steins.

1. Gerz, GMS265181, .5 liter, satin etched with deer head.  $19.95 (5 available)
2. Gerz, GMS26351, deer stein, .5L, $39.95  (6 available)
3. Gerz, GMS26508, deer in relief, deer figure on lid, $59.95 (3 available)
4. Gerz, GMS26508a, deer in relief, deer figure on lid insert, $59.95 (1 available)

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Fishing, sea steins.

1. Gerz, GMS26610, ship captain stein. 1 liter. Figure on top.   $69.95 (4 available)
2. Gerz, GMS26503, Fish stein, trout in relief, fish figure on top, 1 liter, $59.95 (4 available)
3. Gerz, GMS26605, Trout fish, .5L, fish embossed on lid, fish thumb rest.  $39.95 (6 available)
4. Gerz, GMS26357, fisherman, .5L, $34.95   (6 available)

Duck steins.

1. Gerz, GMS26504, 1 liter, Mallard duck in relief, duck figure on top.  $59.95 (3 available)
2. Gerz, GMS65064, Flyng mallard duck, .5 liter, $19.95 (2 available)
3. Gerz, GMS65188, floating duck, .5L, satin etched,  $19.95 (5 available)

germansteins7.jpg (11479 bytes)

Misc. animal steins

1. Gerz, GMS26517, Pheasant stein, .5L, $34.95 (sold out)
2. Gerz, GMS25003, Wolf stein, .5L, $49.95 (1 available)
3. Gerz, GMS26198, Eagle stein, $49.95 (1 available)

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