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Glow In The Dark Cups (32 oz.) (Quantities Limited! )

Halloween logo only available at this time!

Go to Customize Products if you want the cups with your own logo!

Colors:  Yellow, Blue, Green!

  To activate:  press or lightly tap on outer wall of container n the center of the colored ampoule (glass tube) unit it snaps.

Shake to facilitate the mixing of the solution.

Cup will then glow in yellow, blue or green  for 6 to 8 hours! See the green & blue cups to the left.

Ingredients are non-toxic, but may permanently stain clothing or furniture, so do not attempt to remove interior liquid.

Contact with the inner liquid may cause temporary discomfort to skin or eyes, so rinse thoroughly with water if you do get the liquid on you.

Do not drink or ingest the liquid between the two walls of the cup.

One time use only - do not place in dishwasher.

Halloween Logo Glow Cups:

______ 3 cups, 1 of each color, or all three the same color $9.00    ($3.00 each)

______ 6 cups, 2 of each color, or all six the same color $16.50      ($2.75 each)

______ 12 cups, 4 of each color, or all twelve the same color $30   ($2.50 each)

We will send a free Halloween card with gifts, just let us know the wording you want on the card!  

Print out this form and mail with check or Money order to:

  Glasses, Mugs & Steins, P.O. Box 207, Sun Prairie, WI  53590

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

Pay by PayPal:  There is no cost to you to use PayPal.
  Click on link above, register  - enter the total amount, including shipping, and 5.5% sales tax for Wisconsin residents.
Make the payment to my email address, pkroll@charter.net.
 List the items ordered in the message section.

Shipping & Handling on Purchases: $7.95  on 3 cups.    $8.95 on 6 cups.  $9.95  on 12 cups.

Shipping is extra for Alaska, Hawaii, and out of country. Call, fax or write for shipping estimate for those locations.


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PHONE: 608-837-4818 - Pete Kroll

FAX: 608-825-4205   E-Mail: pkroll@charter.net


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